Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my registration?

In addition to your runner kit, you’ll receive a run bib, finishers medal, complimentary photos and videos, and be included in the post-run party!

Is the DC Wonder Woman™ College Run open to all genders?

Yes, the DC Wonder Woman College Run Series is for ALL superheroes of ALL ages!

How do I know if I’m registered?

After completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email from You can also search on your university’s registration page!

Can I run with my dog?

For the safety of all runners, we do not allow animals on the run course.

Can I run with a stroller/jogger?

Strollers are discouraged. In the interest of safety for all participants, including your child, you will be asked to line up at the back.

Are headphones permitted?

You may wear headphones. We ask that you keep the volume at a reasonable level for your own safety and out of courtesy for fellow participants. With the energy and excitement along the course, you won’t want to wear headphones!

Can someone pick up my packet for me?

Yes. They must have a picture of your photo ID.

How do I get my run packet?

You must attend packet pickup in the listed timeframe for your college. You can also pick up the packet up to 60 minutes prior to run start time.

Is there a course time limit?

Yes, our 5K time limit is set for 75 minutes, to ensure runners and walkers are protected from traffic and have the support they need to finish.

Runners and walkers of all abilities are invited to participate, provided they can finish the course within the timeframe.

What is your bad weather policy?

It is our goal to ensure a safe event for all involved. We will not expose participants or the community to undue risk as a result of staging the event. The DC Wonder Woman™ College Run will take place rain or shine. However, when weather or other physical conditions present a danger to participants, we maintain the right to cancel the run. Less threatening conditions could result in an alteration of the course or run length to ensure safety for all. You can also consider purchasing our run insurance at checkout.

Is there a bag check on run day?

We’re sorry, this is not a service we provide at the present time.

Is the run timed?

The DC Wonder Woman College Run is not timed. However, an official timing clock will be located at the finish line for you to record your time.

Should I bring my own water to the run?

Not necessary. Water will be provided at the aid station, located along the course, and at the finish line.

Do you allow refunds?

All entries are final, there will be no refunds or deferrals.

Are there other Wonder Woman races throughout the year outside of my college that I can participate in?

Yes, go to for a complete list of Wonder Woman Runs and Batman Runs in cities across the United States.